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GTM New Member Enrollment Form

Hello, and welcome to the Guild of Temple Musicians!  We are very pleased to have you join us in our important work.

This form allows you to select your membership level for the 2022-23 year and to provide information which will help you network with other Guild members.  If you haven't already seen it, click here to see a New Members Tutorial about filling out this form, choosing the information you want to be visible to the rest of the membership in the Member Directory, and accessing the other features of the GTM ShulCloud site.

Once you have completed the form, you'll be taken to a screen where you can choose a password.  Please write it down. 

Within 3 business days of your submission, you will receive an email from us with a link to set a password which will give you access to the members-only sections (including the Jobs Board) of the GTM website,  We suggest you make the password the same as the one you're about to create for the ShulCloud site

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you for joining the Guild!  We look forward to working with you in the years ahead.

Please check "Yes" if you have ever been a member of the Guild.  We'll search our database and if we find a previous account for you, we'll merge it with the new one you're about to create.

Because the GTM is an affiliate of the American Conference of Cantors, please only use the title "Cantor" if you are ordained.  See the CANTOR INFORMATION section below.
Only your birth month and day will be visible in the Directory, and you can hide that if you wish.
If you are a Cantor or Music Director filling out this form for one of your musicians, please fill in your name and your role.  For example, "Sara Goldwyn (Cantor)"
Enter here and below the Primary address, phone and email where we can contact you.  You can enter your home address or your work address if you prefer.  These are required fields, but you will have the option to hide any of them in the Directory.   
Great Britain appears as United Kingdom.
Enter here the number where you wish to be contacted.  It can be home, office, or mobile.  This is a required field, but you can choose to hide it in the Directory.  
This is not a required field, but must be entered if you wish it to appear in the Directory as a separate Mobile phone listing.
This is a required field since email is now our primary means of communicating with you.  If you do not have an email address, contact the national office at (847) 781-7800 and we will assist you.  

In this section, please tell us about the musical work you do at congregations, whether full-time, part-time, or as a volunteer. If you do not regularly work at a synagogue, but you are a member, you may enter that information.  If you are an independent artist, please go to the next section.

Enter here the name of the primary congregation you work with or attend.
Please indicate all relevant positions.
Please fill in other congregational positions not listed.
Please enter here your status at your primary congregation.
If you work with other congregations, please name them here, along with their locations.  Put your role in parentheses.  Put each congregation on a separate line.  For example,
Congregation Beth Israel, Columbus, Ohio  (Choir Director)
Temple Isaiah, Dayton, Ohio  (Piano accompanist)

If you are an independent musician--either primarily or in addition to congregational work--please enter that information here.
If different from email above.
You must enter full URL, including https://


Please indicate here the areas where you have skills or interests.
Please check all instruments that you play.
Please enter here other skills or interests.

Guild of Temple Musicians members who are members of the American Conference of Cantors or graduates of the programs above may use "cantor" in their published e-mail address and in the Directory.  Please attach proof of s'micha below.

Guild Talks Music is GTM's online music education program.  If you are interested in leading a session, please tell us topics you'd like to teach here.  You may also list topics you'd like to see taught by others.
If you are interested in participating in our Mentoring program, either as a Mentor or Mentee--or both--please indicate here.

The Guild of Temple Musicians is always looking for volunteers to assist in its work. If you have experience in such areas as accounting, convention planning, database management, marketing, not-for-profit board work, or website design, please tell us here.  Thank you!

Please consider joining as a Chai member to support the Guild. You can choose to spread the payments over 2, 3 or 4 months.  Thank you for the consideration.

The American Conference of Cantors is a non-profit organization.  Our tax identification number for your records is 13-2666627.  We acknowledge that no goods or services were provided in exchange for this donation, excluding any intangible religious benefits that may have been derived.
If you've selected a Student membership, tell us where you're going to school.

Indicate here amounts you would like to donate over and above your membership level.
Enter here an amount you would like to donate to the Chesed Fund, used by the GTM to support members in exigent circumstances.
Enter here an amount you would like to donate to the fund to help members facing financial difficulties attend the annual ACC/GTM convention.
Enter here a donation to help the GTM with its activities.  Donations go to our General Fund.
You may dedicate your GTM donation if you wish.  Please list your dedication here.
This field is automatically calculated from entries you've made above.  Please check to make sure that the sum matches your intentions.  When you click the Submit button, you'll be taken to a payment screen.

Thank you so much for joining the Guild of Temple Musicians!
Sun, June 4 2023 15 Sivan 5783